New "My Weigh" Kitchen Scale — How Did I Ever Bake Without It?

Recommendation for My Weigh Kitchen Scale

After thirty years of using a wall-mounted mechanical scale, I finally got a new kitchen scale. The old one did its job, but had limits. I couldn’t use a large container on it, as it was mounted on the wall, it didn’t have a tare function, and it needed to be constantly adjusted. The new scale, a KD-8000 made by My Weigh, has a digital display projected in front of the platform so that it can accommodate a large bowl. The tare function is great — you simply put your bowl or pan on the platform, press Tare, and the display goes back to zero. It weighs up to eight kilos (also weighs in pounds and ounces), and has a percentage function, something that is very useful for bread bakers, who can now let the scale determine the exact percentage of flour to water, instead of having to resort to higher math. If you don’t need this function, the KD-7000 model, which weighs up to seven kilos, will work just as well.

A removable plastic shield keeps flour and other spills off the keypad, and three soft plastic disposable keyboard covers are included. Like the new Beater Blade for my Kitchen Aid standing mixer, I wonder how I got along without the KD-8000 scale for so long.

Many home bakers still work without scales. This is somewhat understandable, as so many cookbooks don’t give measurements by weight. But for those recipes that do specify weight, the results are so much more dependable and consistent. I can’t count the times I have read comments on a forum about how the writer followed a recipe exactly, but ended up with overly dry, or too wet, cake or bread. Of course they are frustrated and will never try the recipe again. Often, the problem is with the system of measuring. One cup of flour can weigh between four and six ounces. The upper measurement is 50% greater than the lower. No wonder so many cake recipes fail!

Other reliable scales are made by Oxo and A&D.

If you are looking for baking books that give measurements by weight, check out The Cake Bible and The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum. I highly recommend them.

To try out my new scale, I made Bran Muffins. Even if you don’t have a kitchen scale, I hope you make these muffins. And I hope you consider buying this essential tool for your kitchen.

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