Mango Green Tea

Very Easy Recipe for Mango Green Tea

This is so simple, I shouldn’t use the word “recipe”, but I wanted to share the instructions for this delicious cup of Mango Green Tea with you. In the summer, mangoes are everywhere in Mexican markets. Now I have found a way to enjoy their sweet flavor in tea, hot or iced, anytime of the year.

After steeping green tea, remove the tea bag and add 2-3 tablespoons of mango nectar. The nectar adds a subtle sweetness and tropical flavor. You could use any fruit juice or nectar — passion fruit nectar is good also — but mango is especially flavorful. I hope you have time to put your feet up, sit back, and reflect on how wonderful the day is as you slowly sip your mug of mango green tea.

The art on the mug is by Braldt Bralds, an artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico, whose art has graced the covers of Newsweek, National Geographic, and many other magazines. I bought the mug as a memento when I had the pleasure of touring his studio several years ago. Tea and art both soothe the soul.

Today’s Free Tip: If you can find Korean Green Tea, you will be pleasantly surprised to taste how different it is from Chinese green tea. Koreans include roasted brown rice in their tea blend, which negates the bitter taste that can be found in green teas. Once I had tasted green tea from Korea, I knew I would never go back to drinking green tea without brown rice. Koreans also enjoy roasted barley tea, mugwort tea and corn tea.

4 thoughts on “Mango Green Tea

  1. Kathleen, this is good to know about the Korean green tea. Our Asian market’s owner are Korean so they carry many Korean products. I really don’t care for green tea so I will definitely look for this. I have a jar of roasted brown rice powder I wonder if I could use that? Thanks!

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