An Incomparable Dining Event at the International Altruism Festival, Puerto Vallarta

Paella by Chef Eiseo at Piaceres Restaurant, Holiday Inn

Once a year, we who live in the Puerto Vallarta area have the opportunity to eat the most exquisite food from the finest of restaurants, all in one location and as much as we can eat.  And all this for under $30. For gourmands and foodies, it doesn’t get any better. The icing on the cake, pardon the pun, is that not only do we sample unparalleled dishes, we do so knowing that 100% of the price of entry to the International Altruism Festival goes toward local, non-profit organizations who are doing their best to improve life for people, animals and the environment in the Bay of Banderas area.

I offer these photos as a feast for the eyes for those of you who did not attend. Be there next year, and you will also experience this as a feast for the palate. For those of you who were eating alongside me, you can relive your favorite bites and savor the memory.

Pear salad with honey mustard vinaigrette, tuna with mustard sauce, shrimp crêpe, Chef Miguel Angel, La Cruz Bistro and Grill/Frascati Restaurant, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Portobello mushroom with lobster salsa and pizza, Chef Bernhard, Trio Restaurant

Corn soup with huitlacoche, La Estancia Restaurant, Marriott Casa Magna Resort

Apple slices with prosciutto, Pan & Que?

Short rib with endive, Vista Grill

Scallop ceviche with beer foam, La Kliff Restaurant

Enfrijolada, La Estancia Restaurant, Marriott Casa Magna Resort

Sope Pescado, Ikuai Restaurant, Marina Riviera Nayarit,  La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Barcelona Tapas

Tino’s Marisco

Did you save room for dessert? Good. Grab a napkin so you don’t drool on your keyboard.

Torta de chocolate with nuts and cream, Kaiser Maxamilian

Pie in the Sky, Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta

Fondants Pastelaria Gourmet

Vista Grill

La Palapa

Fondants Pastelaria Gourmet

Tikul Restaurant

Fondants Pastelaria Gourmet

Fondants Pastelaria Gourmet

Los Chatos

The International Altruism Festival is organized by the U.S. Consular Agency and the Casa Magna Marriott Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta. Held every May, it is a sold-out event. Snap up your tickets next April at your first chance. All proceeds benefit twenty-four local, non-profit organizations that work to improve the quality of life on the Bay of Banderas.

See you next year!

International Altruism Festival, Marriott Resort, Puerto Vallarta, May 2010

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3 thoughts on “An Incomparable Dining Event at the International Altruism Festival, Puerto Vallarta

  1. Anni on Sunseeker (aka Anne Timmins!)

    Wow Kathleen, What a great record and reminder. Looks like you’re really having fun!
    Hugs Anni

  2. Karen

    Absolutely spectacular photos! I was at the event as well, and seeing your detailed shots reminds me of the delicious and very special evening that it was. Thanks for chronicling it for us all to enjoy again.

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