Fruit Tacos for Gringos

When I’m hungry and I’m walking past a tortilleria — that’s what they call the place where corn tortillas are made in Mexico — I have to buy at least three pesos worth. Three pesos will buy eight tortillas these days, which is more than enough to make several fruit tacos and have a couple tortillas left-over for our dog Chucha. She will just about do anything to get a tortilla thrown in her direction.

A freshly cooked, steaming tortilla has so many different filling options — scrambled eggs with salsa, cheese and tomatoes, last night’s left-over coconut fried fish. Or fruit. For a quick snack, slice up any fruit, the more tropical and sweeter the better, place on a tortilla, and add any of the following: peanut butter, Walnutella, agave syrup, or dried organic coconut if you have some. You could probably think of more goodies to add. Roll it up. Yummy.

You will want to make two or three or five more, especially if a dear husband just happens to wander by to see what’s  happening in the kitchen, as mine did. He really liked the banana with homemade peanut butter and agave syrup. It is awesome to have our own home grown bananas.  I will never take them for granted.

It’s mango season and our neighbors Luis and Lupe just gave us a bag of mangoes from their ranchito outside of town. I highly recommend sliced mangoes with coconut. So does Russ. The mangoes are so sweet, but we added agave syrup anyway.

Mmm…mmm…mmm. I wish you were here. I’d make one with Walnutella for you.

I was almost laughed out of English class once by my students when I told them I made Black Bean Salsa. No self-respecting Mexican would ever use beans for salsa. Frijoles, ay caramba! I’m not going to tell them I’m putting fruit in corn tortillas. They would never understand.


My healthy ingredient choices: organic agave syrup, homegrown organic bananas, homemade peanut butter (without hydrogenated oils or sugar), organic coconut.

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12 thoughts on “Fruit Tacos for Gringos

  1. Casey Storer

    Up here in the northwest I make these with fresh apples with a lil lime and cinnamon or fresh peachs with just a squirt of cream cheese mmmmmm

    They are a great tide me over till lunch snack

  2. Vicki in GA

    Awww, I’m so jealous. Fresh mango and papaya. Fresh tortillas.

    Yes. The fabulous tasty bananas in Nayarit! Let’s not forget the slow grilled fish in San Blas!

    Driving through the mountains from Tepic to San Blas there is one little town that smells like coffee beans and they also roast bananas. Are you familiar with it?

    1. No, I don’t know which town this is. We have driven that route many times, but not for several years now. I know a lot of bananas are grown in that area, and a lot of coffee is grown nearer Tepic, in the mountains. Does this town sell roast bananas? I have not seen this before, but it sounds good!

  3. Mayte,
    Cheese and honey sounds like a good combination in a taco. I think cheese and fruit would be good, also.

    Now that it is mango season, I eat mango tacos every day. I hope you try them.

    Native American Jewelry Tips,
    Not only are the bananas so flavorful here, there are so many different varieties. I love the little ones that have a citrus flavor.

  4. I’ve given up on buying bananas in the US – they are flavorless and not even fruity. When I see photos of your homegrown bananas that look so dense and moist, I remember eating them down in Nayarit – like a totally different heavenly fruit than the commercially available ones. I love how you say you will never take them for granted !

  5. hello jen

    I just discovered your blog and I love it. Try the tacos are delicious cheese with honey my grandfather ate all the time.

    I follow your blog now.
    Kisses from Mexico

  6. Jen

    Thanks for your recent comment! I’ll definitely be checking your blog often as I migrate to the land of Mexican food! SO much to learn.
    -Jen (

  7. Connie Hollander

    What a great writer you are! I usually laugh out loud whenever I read your blog and if that’s not what I take away from reading, it is a curiosity about the recipe. This is also as good!

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