An invitation to a tequila tasting at Casa Magna Marriott, Puerto Vallarta

An invitation from Casa Magna Marriott Resort in Puerto Vallarta, inviting me to a free tequila tasting, has arrived in my inbox. I always knew that writing Cooking in Mexico would bring unexpected pleasures my way. I just didn’t know it would be in the form of artisanal tequila. And you, most fortunate of readers, are invited to attend, also.

This invitation marks the 100th. post for my food blog, Cooking in Mexico. I wanted to do something special to mark the 100th. article, but I wasn’t sure what. It is serendipitous that a free tequila tasting comes to me with this milestone post, and even more special that I can share it with my readers who have made Cooking in Mexico a success. Gracias!

Audrey Formisano, the resort’s tequilier, will lead the tastings while she enlightens us on the nuances and distinctions of their five distillations. Audrey’s goal is to spread the appreciation of fine, artisanal tequila, and she is well qualified to do this, being one of Mexico’s most informed and enthusiastic tequiliers. You may have read an earlier article I wrote on Casa Magna’s tequila, so you will already know the treat awaiting you.

Free tastings will be each Friday in September and October at 6 p.m. in the lobby bar. Space is limited and reservations are required. To make your reservation, call the Casa Magna concierge desk at 322-226-0017.

I will attend the tasting on September 24, and look forward to meeting any of my readers who also wish to enjoy this rare opportunity of fine tequila tasting.

Casa Magna is located in the Zona Marina Vallarta, close to Marina Puerto Vallarta. I hope to see you there.


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7 thoughts on “An invitation to a tequila tasting at Casa Magna Marriott, Puerto Vallarta

  1. Vicki in GA

    be sure to tell us about the tequila tasting.

    I’m fond of Cazadores Anejo Tequila. If I’m lucky, I can find it in the USA at better liquor stores.

    1. Already have. In fact, we have a liter bottle of it, direct from the town of Tequila. It makes a wonderful margarita. Casa Magna does not bottle flavored tequilas, relying instead on 100% pure agave for their primo tequilas.

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