Botanas Mexicanas for Super Bowl Sunday

We’ll be in front of the TV Sunday watching the Super Bowl, like many of our expat friends. And just like them, we’ll be munching on botanas, Mexican snacks. I don’t think I’ll get it together to make pizza, but I have a few things in mind fellow bloggers have made recently that I want to try.

Lesley Téllez made an interesting, creamy Mexican pumpkin seed dip, called Sikil Pak on her blog, The Mija Chronicles. With just six ingredients, counting the salt, it looks pretty easy to make in a food processor if you don’t have your metate handy. Sikil Pak, you say? Sikil is Mayan for tomato; pak means pumpkin seeds, also called pepitas in Spanish. The Mayans have been eating this for centuries, maybe while watching their ball game, pok-a-tok, which took a more serious turn than football ever does. The loser was sacrificed to the gods.

Muy Bueno Cookbook just wrote up an easy mix for Michalada. With only four ingredients, counting ice, beer, lime juice and salt (I just gave away the recipe, didn’t I),  I can’t think of anything more refreshing drink to wash down the tostadas.

Lyndsey at The Tiny Skillet is making Mexican Fried Cheese with queso de freier. This was to me. How have I lived in Mexico so long and never heard queso de freir? I’m off to find some, and try frying cheese. She suggests serving it with a salsa. My recipe for salsa de chile guajillo or chile ancho would go well with this.

The tostadas are for my favorite guacamole. It has ten ingredients, and that counts the tostadas –corn tortilla chips — on the side. You can make it in fifteen minutes, easy. It differs a little from most guacamoles. Some of the avocado is cubed to give a creamy bite to the mixture. If you want to see another version of guacamole, check out this hilarious guacamole song on YouTube, complete with a recipe, by two dubious looking mexicanos with strange mustaches.

I might come up with a few other dishes, but this is a start. We won’t be sending out for pizza.

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18 thoughts on “Botanas Mexicanas for Super Bowl Sunday

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  2. Thanks so much for mentioning our Michelada Kathleeen. We drank plenty on Sunday and ate entirely too much! I made everything on our Muy Bueno Super Bowl menu PLUS my hubby made smoked pork ribs and I also made a delicious baked brie with fig preserves and almonds. Wish there was some brie left over – LOVE that stuff!!!

  3. oh, I am missing avocados! they are out of season and I’m determined not to add to my carbon footprint by buying them flown in from far, far away. thanks for another great post!

    1. Avocados are in season year ’round, otherwise we would not eat them every week like we do. Good for you for being aware of your carbon footprint, a theme of your blog, and a principle we all need to live by.

    1. I did find that out, but it was located with all the other Mexican Cheese in our store, queso blanco, queso fresco, and cotija cheese. How’d that slip in there? Sorry…I should of called it Dominican Republic fried cheese! :D

  4. No pizza for us either, I just finished putting everything into the crockpot to make pulled pork. I did pick up some more queso de freir to fry that up as well,(I’m sure you can find some cheese that would fry up like that) and some beautiful organic avocados from the farmer’s market today. Your favorite guacamole looks too good not to try. I’m sure it will be my husbands favorite too. Kathleen, thank you so much for the mention, you are such a pleasure to know. Have a great super bowl Sunday! :D

    1. I have still not found queso de frier, but read on the internet that it is popular in the Caribbean. Maybe it is Caribbean, not Mexican? I’ll keep on looking for it, though, as you say, other cheeses could be fried also.
      Enjoy the game!

      1. did find that out, but it was located with all the other Mexican Cheese in our store, queso blanco, queso fresco, and cotija cheese. How’d that slip in there? Sorry…I should of called it Dominican Republic fried cheese! :D

          1. After searching a little more it looks like Queso Para Freir is a Mexican cheese used this way, which is also popular in the Caribbean. :D It is also called queso blanco fresco. Manchego would be wonderful!

  5. Connie Gilbert

    OMGosh, you guys, that looks sooooooo goooood…”to die for”…as they say…I looooove “guacamole”…!!! I can’t say enough about how delicious it looks and how simple the ingredients all are…!!! I want some of that for my Super Bowl “shin-dig”…forget the pizza this year…I’m definitely going all out for this recipe…!!!

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