Hanging Tortillas on the Clothesline

Extra tortillas don’t go to waste in our house. Sometimes I set them out on the kitchen counter to dry so we can use them as a dog snack. Yesterday, Russ decided to hang some on the clothesline to dry more quickly. It didn’t take long for Chucha to find them and check out the new laundry. She was told not to help herself. For her obedience, she was given a tortilla dog treat. Maybe she can’t resist dry tortillas because of their crunchiness. Or maybe it’s because she’ll eat almost anything, short of a carrot.

If you have extra tortillas and your dog doesn’t mind sharing them, they are also great in chilaquiles, with either red or green chile sauce.

I have a  family matter to take care of and I don’t know when I’ll be back to the blog, nor do it know if I’ll have an opportunity to write for the blog during this period. Please bear with me. I will return and I hope to find all my faithful readers still here, waiting for me.

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