Agave (ah-GA-vay) syrup: a sweetener made from the agave plant, the same plant from which tequila is made

Albóndigas (ahl-BON-dee-gahs): meatballs served in a tomato broth

Arrachera (ahr-rah-CHER-ah): marinated, grilled flank steak

Ate (AH-tay): a cross between jelly and fruit leather, typically made with guava or quince

Buen Provecho (bwayn pro-VAY-cho): colloquial Spanish for “Enjoy your meal”

Cajeta (ka-HAY-tah): a thick syrup of caramelized, sweetened goat milk or cow milk

Carnicería (car-nee-say-REE-a): butcher shop

Ceviche (Seh-BEE-chay): raw fish marinated in lime juice

Chalazae (kuh-LAY-zee): egg white structures that anchor the yolk in the center of the egg

Chilaquiles (chee-lah-KEE-lehs): breakfast dish made with day-old tortillas, red or green salsa, and chicken and/or egg

Chipotle (chee-POHT-lay): smoked, dried jalapeño chile

Duxelles (dook-SEHL): French culinary word meaning a finely minced mixture of mushrooms, herbs and shallots sauteed in butter

Epazote (eh-pah-SO-tay): Teloxys ambrosioides, a pungent, bitter herb used in beans and quesadillas

Huitlachoche (weet-la-COH-chay), also spelled cuitlacoche: fungus on corn, considered a delicacy

Jícama (HEE-cah-mah): large root of New World vine used raw in appetizers and salads

Jocoque (ho-KO-kay): Mexican cultured sour cream

Mise en place (meez-ahn-PLAHS): a French phrase meaning “everything in place”; all ingredients are measured, weighed, and prepared as specified in the recipe before cooking begins

Mole (MOH-lay): Nahuatl word meaning sauce or concoction; a rich sauce of many ingredients, which may include ground seeds, nuts, spices, chiles, and chocolate; also the name of the dish based on this sauce

Molinillo (mo-lee-NEE-yo): a carved, wooden tool for foaming hot chocolate

Nahuatl (NAH-wahtl): language of the Aztec Empire, still spoken in central Mexico

Oaxaca (wa-HA-ca) String Cheese: a white semi-hard cheese with an excellent melting quality, sometimes available as long strings rolled up in a ball

Olla (OH-yah): earthenware, bulbous pot

Poblano (po-BLAH-noh) Chile: a large, mild, green Mexican chile

Quesadilla (kay-sah-DEE-yah): wheat or corn tortilla, folded over a filling and cooked until cheese melts

Queso (KAY-soh): cheese

Rajas (RA-has): strips of roasted chile, usually poblano, cooked with onion

Sope (SOH-pey): a Mexican dish, often served as a snack, with a corn dough base and various toppings

Tamal (tah-MAHL): masa dough with sweet or savory filling, wrapped in corn or banana leaf and steamed; plural: tamales

Tomatillo (to-mah-TEE-yoh): Physalis philadelphica; small green-purple fruit with a papery husk, used in salsas and other Mexican dishes

Tortilla (tor-TEE-yah): thin, unleavened bread made of dried, ground corn or wheat